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Sukshen 12 Piece Cupping Sys

Sukshen 12 Piece Cupping Sys

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This 12 piece cupping set is a unique way to relieve sore and aching muscles explore erotic massage or use with BDSM play. The cupping method stems from traditional Chinese medicine but its effects can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Simply place one or more cups directly onto the skin attach the tubing to the top opening of the cup and to the hand - held pump and then pull the pump trigger to create suction. Lubricate the skin first in order to slide the cups around for different sensations. The tubing may be detached and the cups will still remain attaching on the skin by the vacuum. Acu - Points centered within the cups provide additional stimulation against the skin. Whether you want to spice things up or experience something new this Cupping Set is an exciting unconventional toy for your collection!

Set includes two cups of each of the following inside diameters: 0.625 1 1.25 1.625 2 and 2.25 inches.

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