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Master Series

Master Series 3X Rimming Anal Training Set

Master Series 3X Rimming Anal Training Set


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Introducing the perfect training kit for beginners to explore the world of booty play—the 4-pack Booty Training Kit. This comprehensive kit offers two different textures in two different sizes, allowing for proper anal training and serving as an excellent warm-up option for experienced booty enthusiasts.

Included in the kit is a bullet vibe that fits snugly into each Rimmer, adding an extra layer of vibrating pleasure to enhance your anal training experience.

Designed for comfortable training at all skill levels, this versatile kit offers a range of options. The rippled plugs feature a textured and bead-like feel, providing a stimulating entry and exit, as well as a dynamic squeeze when fully inserted. On the other hand, the smooth tapered plugs offer a more comfortable and accessible way to get used to the sensation of anal play. They are smooth, flexible, and feature a solid tip that anyone can appreciate.

To enhance your pleasure during training or warm-up, each plug contains a hollow cavity for the included bullet vibe. Choose from three levels of vibration intensity and add the bullet to your preferred size and shape for buzzing pleasure.

Crafted with waterproof, silky-smooth, phthalate-free, and body-safe silicone, each plug guarantees a premium and worry-free experience. The included bullet is also waterproof, allowing for shower play and easy cleaning.


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