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The Anaconda is a rare treat for sure; designed to go WIDE, the Anaconda's cross section is wider across the top of shaft in relation to it's height, similar to the shape of a wrist. If you are primarily used to playing with toys that have a cylindrical shaft, the Anaconda will give you some all new sensations. It will fill you up with a feeling that is absolutely unique and amazing. The Anaconda has a very nice, pointed tip to allow for easy depth play, making all the curves and bends with ease. The head's rim is pronounced and provides the perfect amount of pressure allowing you to feel it as it slithers in and out. 



Circumference near head (rim): 7.50"

Circumference near middle: 7.00"

Circumference near base: 7.00"

Overall length: 11.75"

Insertable length: 10.75"

Texture: Smooth/Veins/Light Texture


Circumference near head (rim): 8.25"

Circumference near middle: 7.75"

Circumference near base: 7.75"

Overall length: 12.75"

Insertable length: 11.75"

Texture: Smooth/Veins/Light Texture


Circumference near head (rim): 9.00"

Circumference near middle: 8.50"

Circumference near base: 8.50"

Overall length: 13.50"

Insertable length: 12.50"

Texture: Smooth/Veins/Light Texture




Circumference near head: 10.00"

Circumference near middle: 9.25"

Circumference near base: 9.25"

Overall length: 14.50"

Insertable length: 13.50"

Texture: Smooth/Veins/Light Texture

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