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Oxballs Ballbender Ball Stretcher Cock Ring

Oxballs Ballbender Ball Stretcher Cock Ring

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Experience the ultimate pleasure and comfort with the black Ballbender by Oxballs, a revolutionary toy designed for extended play. Unlike most ball stretchers that push your balls to the back, this innovative stretcher keeps them to the front, delivering a pleasure-packed tug like no other.

Not only does the Ballbender provide intense ball stimulation, but it also doubles as a cock ring, keeping you firmer for longer and intensifying your orgasms. Crafted from platinum silicone, this stretcher is remarkably soft, ensuring maximum comfort even during prolonged use. Its user-friendly design allows for easy handling in the heat of the moment, enhancing your experience.

The Ballbender adds the perfect bulk where it counts and looks incredible under your gear, accentuating your assets. Compatible with water, oil, or silicone-based lubricants, it offers versatility in your play. Cleaning is a breeze with simple soap and water, ensuring convenience and hygiene.

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