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Zado Body and Leg Harness

Zado Body and Leg Harness


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  • The Zado Leather Harness is a versatile chest and thigh harness designed for bondage games and role play. Here are some details:

    1. Chest and Thigh Harness: The harness consists of both a chest harness and thigh straps, providing a secure and alluring look. The chest harness is designed to wrap around the chest area, while the thigh straps are intended to be worn around the thighs.

    2. Snap Hooks: The chest harness and thigh straps are joined together by snap hooks. These snap hooks allow for easy attachment and detachment, providing convenience during use.

    3. Removable Thigh Straps: The thigh straps in this harness are designed to be removable. This feature offers flexibility in how the harness is worn and allows for customization according to personal preferences.

    4. Materials: The Zado Leather Harness is made from split leather, specifically cow leather that has been chrome-free tanned. The leather is often coated with polyurethane for added durability and a sleek appearance. Metal components are also used in the construction of the harness.

    5. Perfect for Bondage Games: This harness is specifically designed for bondage games and adds an element of excitement and restraint to your intimate playtime. It can enhance the visual appeal and provide a sense of dominance or submission depending on how it is worn.

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