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Zado Double Snap Hook

Zado Double Snap Hook


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  • The Zado Double Snap Hook is a practical accessory designed for bondage games. Here are some details about this product:

    • 10 cm Long Double Snap Hook: The Zado Double Snap Hook is approximately 10 cm long, providing a compact and versatile tool for bondage play. It features two snap hooks, one at each end, allowing for easy attachment and detachment.

    • Practical Accessory for Bondage Games: This double snap hook is specifically designed to enhance bondage games and activities. It can be used to connect various restraints, cuffs, or other bondage accessories, enabling different configurations and possibilities during play.

    • Robust and Sturdy: The double snap hook is made from metal, ensuring robustness and sturdiness. It is constructed to withstand tension and maintain its integrity during use, providing reliability and durability.

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