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Deluxe Pro-Bang Sex Machine With Remote Control

Deluxe Pro-Bang Sex Machine With Remote Control


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This deluxe sex machine is cocked and loaded with a 7.5 inch TPE dildo included and ready to go, With a wide range of adjustable angles, any position is possible! Want to use your personal favourite dildo Comes with The Vac-U-Lock dildo adapter is included to help you adapt your favourite dong to this powerful thrusting machine. With up to 285 rotations per minute, this machine goes for as long as you can handle it, Lay back and relax as you receive the powerful thrusting and use the remote control to switch between 4 speeds and 7 patterns of thrusting until you push yourself over your ecstatic edge.

How to use:

1. Connect the pin end of the adapter to the back of the machine, then plug the adapter into the flat end of the power cord.

2. Plug power cord into wall outlet.

3. Attach the included dildo, or attach the dildo adapter and your own Vac-U-Lock compatible dildo.

Use your favourite water-based lube with either the included dildo or a dildo compatible with Vac-U-Lock adapter. Set up the machine and choose the angle that you’d like to be penetrated at, then lay back, relax and receive! Use the remote control to change thrusting patterns and speeds as you receive deep, fast, powerful thrusting that puts you over your edge and satisfies your deep, carnal needs! After, use, simply disassemble and store or leave out for the next round! Wash the dildo separately with soap and water then spray the machine and toys with a toy cleaner and wipe dry.


Machine: 17.5 inches Long x 9.5 inches Wide x 12.5 inches High

Base: 13 inches Long x 9.5 inches Wide

Dildo overall length: 7.5 inches, Insertable length: 5.3 inches, Widest insertable diameter: 1.5 inches

Stroke length: 3.5 inches

Stroke: 285 RPM

Materials: Steel, TPE dildo, ABS plastic, silicone

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