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Some people find the head of the Flange electrode a little small for their needs, so we created the 'Moaner' just for them. With the same base design as the flange electrode, but with an extended neck, and a larger diameter head, the Moaner certainly lives up to its name... and yes that how it got it's name because when it was in she couldn't stop moaning (in a nice way!!!) And don't forget the Moaner features a flanged base giving additional contact and stimulus around the clitoral area.

Like most of our premium electrodes the contact points are top and bottom rather than side to side, providing a more natural feeling action when the electrode moves.

The design features a recessed mounting bolt and a ridge on the base to aid grip during insertion.

Produced to our usual high standards with aircraft grade materials and now available with our new luxurious Satin finish, or a polished option. This electrode will, if cared for, last for years.

The flanged base of the Moaner electrode is fitted with heavy duty 4mm recessed sockets in the base. If you are considering longer term insertion of the electrode, then we suggest the use of our low profile connectors as they are much more comfortable and practical when the electrode is inserted, and the subject sits down.

Covered by our lifetime guarantee and supplied in a re-usable protective storage tube.