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Strict Pecker Silicone Mouth Gag

Strict Pecker Silicone Mouth Gag


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Introducing a unique BDSM device, the Silicone Cock Gag, perfect for those seeking to explore power dynamics and sensory play. This comfortably padded gag is designed to provide a fulfilling experience as you take control of your partner's pleasure.

By securely strapping the silicone cock to your plaything's face, you can effectively silence them and indulge in the pleasures of their body. Delight in the suppressed gasps and muffled whimpers that escape their mouth, now filled with a satisfying replica of a penis.

Constructed with durability in mind, this gag features an adjustable strap, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your partner. As you confine their face, you can revel in their delightful helplessness, enhancing the intensity of your intimate encounters.

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