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Prowler RED

Prowler RED Fucklock by Oxballs

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FUCKLOCK is a hollow buttplug attached to a stretchy cockring…plus a silicone stopper-plug. The rubbery cockring tugs and jiggles the slick buttplug, every move, every stroke transfers to the plug—you feel the motion inside.   


It's made from our signature Liquid Platinum Silicone so it's glossy, smooth and has a warm heavy feel…it’s lush and silky but still firm enough to fill your hole. Each FUCKLOCK comes with a red silicone stopper designed to snugly plug the hollow opening.

The spherical plug is designed to be soft enough for an easy fit, firm enough to stay open but still comfortable. The built-in cockring create a locking effect that keeps you nice n' stuffed for hours of use…and it’s lined with raised ribbing that keep its shape so it won't crumple or bend.


  • Hand-crafted using the best super-soft, stretchy Liquid Platinum Silicone
  • Hollow plug comes with a stopper designed to fit like a cork
  • Unique asslock design stays firmly in place with attached cockring
  • Hefty hollow plug is soft and smooth but still thick and rubbery



Length: 9.5
Width: .75 - 2.75
Plug largest circumference: 7.5
Plug smallest circumference: 5.25
Plug usable length: 3
Cockring inner circumference: 5.5
Cockring outer circumference: 8.5