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Prowler Smooth Silicone Douche

Prowler Smooth Silicone Douche


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The Prowler Smooth Douche is a douching tool that is designed to bring comfort and even pleasure to your douching session.

The soft silicone bulb at the end of the douche is easy to grip and is the perfect size for thorough cleansing. The sleek curve and rounded tip of the douche make it easy to insert and create some stimulation during use. T

he douche has a capacity of 220ml, which is enough to thoroughly cleanse without being too much or too little. Additionally, the douche is made of high-quality, body-safe silicone, which is easy to clean and safe for use.

Overall, the Prowler Smooth Douche is a comfortable and effective douching tool that will make your douching session enjoyable and efficient.

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