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Strict Ball Stretcher With Leash

Strict Ball Stretcher With Leash

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The Strict Ball Stretcher With Leash is a BDSM product designed for individuals interested in ball stretching and power dynamics. It includes an adjustable ball stretcher and a leash for controlling and guiding your submissive partner during play.

Key Features:
• Ball Stretcher: The adjustable ball stretcher wraps around the scrotum and applies a downward tug, creating a unique sensation that can enhance the submissive's experience and keep them on edge.
• Leash Attachment: The leash can be attached to the D-ring on the front or the straps at the bottom of the ball stretcher. This allows the dominant partner to exert control and guide their submissive partner by pulling on the leash.
• D-Rings for Weight Attachment: The D-rings on the ball stretcher can also be used to connect weights, adding an additional level of torment and sensation for the submissive.

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