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Mister B

The Ball Butcher

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Made of black painted wood. We suggest: start with tying him up first, so he cannot resist. You first grab the nuts of your toyboy and place the baseplate around them so his balls dangle through the hole. Then you're ready for step two and the question is: is he as well? :-).
Step two has two options: you can either use the plain wooden plank or the nasty one with sharp pins to put pressure on his precious parts. Once he gets accustomed to the intense feeling, you can always give him another fresh shot of it by further tightening of the wingnuts.
Note that the pins are actually that sharp that they will slightly puncture the skin.
A short end of heavy duty chain is the last extra of this wonderful Ballbutcher; this chain can be attached to any one of the four hooks on the baseplate and can be used to attach additional weights.