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Rawhide Toys

Rawhide Balrog Fist Butt Plug Flesh

Rawhide Balrog Fist Butt Plug Flesh


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Here's what the boys at Rawhide toys have to say about Balrog...

"Sometimes taking a fist in your ass just isn't enough, and that's where Balrog comes in. Balrog is the fist plug that will give you the feeling of taking a hand up your ass but much much bigger. Sliding over this plug's knuckles will give you an insane stretch while also training your second hole. Balrog's fingers will be pushing deeper and deeper into your ass while your hole gets stretched out over his wrist. If you feel like taking it to the next level, fix Balrog to a Fuck Machine with it's Vac-U-Lock hole and get punched fucked by the biggest fist you've ever taken."

Balrog is Strap-on, Fuck Machine and Suction Cup compatible. Compatible suction cup sold here

Total Length CM 30.48
Total Length IN 12
Insertable Length CM 25.4
Insertable Length IN 10
Circumference Around Tip CM 17.78
Circumference Around Tip IN 7
Diameter around Tip CM 5.65
Diameter around Tip IN 2.28
Circumference of Middle CM 34.29
Circumference of Middle IN 13.5
Diameter of Middle CM 10.91
Diameter of Middle IN 4.29
Circumference of Bottom CM 25.4
Circumference of Bottom IN 10
Diameter of Bottom CM 8.08
Diameter of Bottom IN 3.18
Suction Cup Compatible Yes
Suction Cup Size Large

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