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What are the best aromas?

This is really a personal choice. Our ranges are formulated differently and some prefer the familiar strength of our Classic range while the stronger European and Pentyl ranges can give more bang for your buck. Everyone is different which is why we have such a wide variety, culminating in the Double Scorpio range for those who appreciate the strength and purity of these premium aromas.

Classic Aromas

The original and, for many, the best, this formulation is tried and tested. Favourites include Liquid Gold and Rush and come in 10ml and great value 24ml/25ml sizes. These are a good choice for those new to aromas.

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European Aromas

These have a stronger European isopropyl formulation and are a great step-up from the Classic range. Again in 2 sizes, the brands are still familiar but with the more concentrated Euro formula.

See the full European range here.

Pentyl Aromas

Increasingly popular are the stabilised Pentyl formula aromas for their super-strength and smoother effect. From turbo-charged familiar brands such as Amsterdam and English, to innovative new ones such as the Juic'd range, there's plenty of choice to try. As they're on mix and match deals, you can find your new favourite.

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Double Scorpio Aromas

The top of the tree, in our opinion. These US produced aromas are renowned for their ultra strength and purity. They are created in small batches to create an aroma that is fresh and potent with few downsides. These are only available in the standard 10ml size but please note our topper isn't suitable for these due to the different thread on the bottles.

You can find all the Double Scorpio here.