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DEMONIC is a super-detailed silicone dildo inspired by otherworldly demons. It has raised textures like thick protruding veins and ripples that are designed to stretch and stimulate with insertion. DEMONIC is made from high quality Pure Platinum Silicone so it's fleshy and firm but still rubbery and soft to the touch. The thick core tapers down into a rounded point and the hefty balls double as a grip during penetration.


Ever want to get fucked by a hulking devil-boy? We often fantasize about those sweaty hairy beasts with burning hot cum and devilishly long dripping dicks shaped perfectly for hole wrecking...

Well, look no further--our DEMONIC dildo lets you live out your most perverted demon-sex desires.

It has an up curved shaft with protruding veins, ridges, lumps and a meaty shaft connected to huge veiny balls ready to breed with its cursed seed.

Up close it looks real, all the detail you'd expect on the devil's dick like foreskin folds, pores, wrinkled nuttsack and huge drippin pisshole.

DEMONIC is thicker in the middle that tapers into a soft, pointed asshole-stretcher.

We pray the evil fuck this dick is based on will cum find us one day...