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Torpedo - Large

Torpedo - Large


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As part of the Torpedo Family, The Large Torpedo is designed to provide a truly full feeling in use.

The Large Torpedo is second in the lineup of the Torpedo family of electrodes, starting with the small torpedo and then rising to the larger Stuffer and even larger OMG. All the electrodes in the Torpedo Family, (apart from the Decimator) are based on a similar bipolar curved head design, the main differences are the size and mass of the electrodes.

Designed for Pleasure

Created so most of the mass is in the head, the Large Torpedo features a smaller grooved base to aid insertion and help to secure the electrode once inserted, and like most of our premium electrodes the contact points are top and bottom rather than side to side, providing a more natural feeling action when the electrode moves.

The design also features a recessed mounting bolt and a ridge on the base to aid grip during insertion.

Quality at every stage

The Large Torpedo is produced to our usual high standards with aircraft grade materials and is now available in our new luxurious Satin finish, or a polished option, and will, if cared for, last for years.

Connection to the Large Torpedo is via heavy duty 4mm recessed sockets in the base. If you are considering longer term insertion of any of our electrodes, then we suggest the use of our low profile connectors as they are much more comfortable and practical when the electrode is inserted, and the subject sits down.

Like all of our premium electrodes the Large Torpedo is covered by our lifetime guarantee and supplied in a re-usable protective storage tube.

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