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Oxballs Tres Leches Silicone Dildo Black

Oxballs Tres Leches Silicone Dildo Black


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TRES LECHES is a hefty pure silicone dildo complete with a thick base. It's made from our high-quality Pure Platinum Silicone so it's squishy and blubbery but firm enough to stretch you from deep inside. TRES LECHES' unique design features three conjoined penetrators in one super-detailed dildo. The thick size, fleshy material and texture make TRES LECHES one seriously pleasurable hole-stretcher.


If you're the kinda pig who just can't get enough cock up his ass, TRES LECHES is the toy for you. TRES LECHES is a Pure Platinum Silicone dildo shaped like 3 meaty rock hard of them is even uncut...

Now, you can experience what it's like to have your asshole stretched by multiple monster dicks at once...

Our regular Pure Platinum Silicone is warm to the touch, firm enough to squat on but with enough "squish" it feels great in use.

It's safe for use with most lubes, just wash in warm soapy water after use or toss in your dishwasher.
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