Collection: LUBRICANT

Some lubes are great for some things but not others, we offer a variety of lubes and here's some things we think you should know:

  • Water Based Lube: This lube is especially good for use on small to medium sized toys, for use with Jerk off Toys and Cock Pumps. Water Based Lube will wash off easily with water, will dry in to sheets and clothing and go away by itself and it won't leave stains. It tends to be cheaper than Silione Based alternatives as because it dries in by itself it will not last as long as Silicone Lube. Water Based lube is condom and glove safe.
  • Silicone Based Lube: This lube excels when used for anal sex and hand jobs. The silicone will not be absobed into your skin and so it does not need reapplied to the dick or ass as often as Water Based Lube. Silicone Based Lube will however leave stains on your clothing and sheets but this will wash out. Silicone lube is not advised for use with most toys as it can degrade them over time. Silicone Lube is condom and glove safe.
  • OIl Based Lube: This lube is most commonly used for fisting as it doesn't dry in easily and is thicker than Silcone Lube. It can be used for anal sex and jerking off/handjobs too but be aware, as it is oil based it will also leave stains on clothing and sheets but these will wash out. It is not recommended to use Oil Based Lube with toys, condoms or gloves as the oil can degrade or melt them.
  • Fisting Lube: This is exactly what you think it is; made for big toys, fisting and for wearing plugs for longer perioids of time. Fisting Lube can be water or oil based and won't dry in easily making it perfect for heavier play. Just remember that only Water and Silicone lubes are condom and glove safe.