About Us

Prowler RED is part of the Prowler family, the biggest UK Gay Sex Shop since 1997. Where Prowler specialises in Gay Lifestyle products we at Prowler RED specialise in Gay Fetish.

With our award winning Prowler RED Leather Range and our eye for great fetish brands we've got everything you need.

Our carefully curated selection of Ass Toys means it doesn't matter if you're looking for something small to get you started on your bottoming journey or desperately looking for the next big stretch; you'll find it here.

We haven't forgot about the tops out there either, with our ranges of Pumps and Jerk Off Toys.

With BondageLube and much more left to explore, dive in and see what trouble you can get yourself into.

We offer the same legendary service in store and online, so no matter how far you are from our store you can now make the most of our first-class service. Discreet packaging and confidential customer interactions make us the best place for everything Fetish.