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Master Series

Sado Shadow Lock Male Chastity

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Confined by this shadowy chastity chamber you will experience the ultimate in desire restriction crafted in silicone and designed for maximum restriction. The Sado Shadow has three points of contact making it nearly impossible to wriggle out of. The lower arm is designed to fit neatly between the balls with the two upper arms laying alongside the shaft. The soft yet strong silicone material allows for comfort while remaining extremely effective. Choose one of the 3 included rings for a custom fit then cinch down the outer band. You can use the included metal padlock for traditional restriction or one of the numbered plastic Keyholder locks. The sequential code on the outside makes it tamper evident while still allowing the wearer to escape if needed. This feature makes it ideal for airline travel or being away from their key holder. The cage is vented to allow for breathability and cleanliness with a wide vent at the tip that allows for urination or ejaculation.

Note: Contains cage 3 rings 2 bands 1 adjustment peg 5 numbered locks 1 padlock and 2 keys