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Oxballs Clone Duo Ball Stretcher Blue/Black 2 Pack

Oxballs Clone Duo Ball Stretcher Blue/Black 2 Pack


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Oxballs loves balls, they are our second most favourite part of a guy. Ball stretchers are a blast during solo JO play or while fucking. The feel of squeeze on your sack, the weighty heft of rubbery silicone hanging on your nuts, the stretch, the tug,

Oxballs ball stretchers are our idea of ultimate ball play fun. Use one with the flared funnel-shape snug around your ball sack or flip it for max ball push-down. Stack two CLONES for an intense stretch with all the grip where you want it. The flare rests at the base of your dick, cupping your balls with max-stretch in the middle.

The shape of CLONE makes this toy incredibly comfortable. The flared end doesn’t dig into your sack and all the grip is right where you want, where it feels best.

These are made of our best pure Liquid Platinum Silicone. This stuff is fleshy, warm and heavy and it feels like it is part of you. Because these are silicone, they are very stretchy but also heavy. Platinum Silicone is the heaviest material for ball stretchers which makes these the best around. The extra heaviness feels amazing pulling your sack down.

Oxballs Clone feels good and is perfect for big balls or high and tight sacks. 

CLONE-1 is the regular size, it’s best for most guys. CLONE-MAX is for really big balls.
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