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F-Machine Tremblr BT-R Milking Machine

F-Machine Tremblr BT-R Milking Machine


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Tremblr is an exceptional device that offers consistent performance without fatigue or boredom. It provides a range of pleasurable experiences, from gentle and sensual stimulation to intense and fast-paced action, allowing you to customize your experience. The Tremblr milking machine may surprise you with its ability to become a significant part of your life, as you may develop a deep connection with it, considering it as more than just a machine.

If you own the BT-R model, you have the added advantage of connecting your machine via Bluetooth and controlling it from your mobile device. For those seeking an extra level of excitement, you can even offer remote control access to a trusted friend, allowing them to operate the machine from anywhere in the world. Additionally, if you have multiple F-Machines in a room, switching between them becomes effortless with the convenience of controlling them all from your phone.

Tremblr derives its name from the profound effect it has on your legs, leaving them shaking and trembling as it delivers powerful sensations to your cock and blows your mind. While it may be a bit pricey, the best things in life often come at a cost. This isn't a toy that will lose its allure after a few minutes; it's a toy you'll rearrange your life to spend more time with, constantly finding excuses to steal a few extra minutes with your newfound lover.

Like all our F-Machines, Tremblr operates quietly and is, in fact, the quietest machine we have ever built. The only way your neighbours would know what you're up to is if you can't contain your guaranteed excitement.

Tremblr is perfect as a discreet home masturbation machine or as a valuable addition to your fetish set-up or dungeon. For Dominants, it serves as an ideal tool for edging your willing subjects. It is also guaranteed to assist men with pre-ejaculation training and can be highly effective for men experiencing erectile dysfunction, as Tremblr can induce orgasms even without an erection (although it is particularly effective at creating erections).
Key features of Tremblr include:

Sturdy and inconspicuous carrying case for portability and protection.
Wireless remote control with options for starting, stopping, adjusting speed, and controlling suction power.
Lightweight receiver for hands-free enjoyment.
Impressive top speed of 180 strokes per minute.
Powerful yet quiet industrial-grade motor and speed controller.
Adjustable pump power to suit your preferences.
Internal storage compartments for convenient organization of standard accessories.
Accommodates 95% of penis sizes, with three receiver sizes (M, L, XL) included. Custom receiver kits are also available.
110/240V auto-switching power adaptor suitable for global use.
Machine viewing window with blue activation LED lights, as well as a cut-out red LED indicator.
Built-in electric cooling fan for extended usage, even in hot conditions.
Comes with all necessary tools and hardware for maintenance and adjustment.
Please note that the receiver sleeves contain silicone. If you have a silicone allergy, it is advised not to use them.

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