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RelaXxx Shower Douche

RelaXxx Shower Douche

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Introducing the Shower Play attachment, a versatile and effective tool designed to enhance your anal cleansing routine. Compatible with most standard water valves (2 cm diameter) featuring a threaded ring, this attachment offers a pleasurable and thorough cleaning experience for the anal area.

Whether you're preparing for anal activities or engaging in colon hydrotherapy, the Shower Play attachment provides a reliable and convenient solution. It promotes body detoxification and ensures optimal cleanliness for a refreshing and invigorating sensation.

With a length of approximately 50 cm and a diameter of approximately 1.2 cm, this attachment is designed for ease of use and comfortable insertion. Prioritize hygiene and elevate your anal care routine with the Shower Play attachment, allowing you to indulge in a heightened sense of cleanliness and comfort.

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