Collection: FIST IT


Fist It is a brand that specialises in lubricants designed specifically for fisting or fistfucking experiences. With a focus on enhancing and intensifying these moments, Fist It offers a collection of lubricants tailored to meet different needs and preferences.

Enhanced Fisting Experience: Fist It aims to transform fisting encounters, making them easier, more comfortable, and ultimately more intense. Their lubricants are formulated to provide the necessary glide and reduce friction, facilitating smoother and more pleasurable fisting experiences.

Wide Range of Lubricants: The Fist It collection features a variety of lubricants to cater to different preferences. This includes anal relaxer lubricants, CBD-infused lubricants, extra thick lubricants, hybrid lubricants, natural lubricants, and numbing lubricants. Each variant is carefully crafted with a specific formula to enhance and elevate the fisting experience.

Carefully Formulated: Fist It pays close attention to the formulation of their lubricants. They use a blend of ingredients that aim to provide optimal lubrication and comfort during fisting. The formulations may include ingredients that promote relaxation, increase thickness, offer numbing effects, or provide natural and hybrid options.