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E-Stim Conductive Rubber Loops 2mm

E-Stim Conductive Rubber Loops 2mm


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Experience the revolutionary e-stim cock play with conductive rubber, a fascinating substance that has transformed the way we explore pleasure. Unlike metal spring loops or rings, the soft and flexible nature of conductive rubber loops makes them incredibly easy to use without the risk of painful hotspots. They can adapt to the various stages of erection and accommodate different diameters of a man's appendage.

Connecting the loop is a breeze. Simply slide it over the shaft of the penis and gently tighten it. Then, insert a connection plug into the end of the loop (one plug per loop) and connect it to an e-stim power unit to start the fun.

Our conductive rubber loops are supplied as a pair and come in two different thicknesses, depending on the size of the connecting plug. If you prefer a larger thickness, consider our 4mm conductive rubber loop.

Rest assured, our Conductive Rubber Loops are designed with your comfort in mind. They have no metal sections that could cause irritation or generate uncomfortable hotspots. The plug connects directly to one end of the conductive rubber loop, maximizing the transfer of current for optimal stimulation.

While conductive gel improves contact with the conductive rubber, it can make things slippery. If you encounter any issues, we recommend using TacGel. Similar to our standard conductive lube, TacGel offers slightly more adhesion, reducing sliding and ensuring a secure experience.

Explore the exciting world of e-stim cock play with our high-quality conductive rubber loops, designed to provide pleasurable and safe sensations without compromising comfort.

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