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2mm Conductive Rubber Loops

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Conductive rubber is a fascinating substance and has revolutionised e-stim cock play. Each conductive rubber loop is soft and flexible and very easy to use and unlike metal spring loops. or metal rings the conductive rubber doesn't have issues with painful 'hotspots'. Since the rubber is flexible it is also able to cope with the various stages of erection and the various diameters of a mans appendage.


In use the loop fits over the shaft of the penis and is then gently tightened. A connection plug is then inserted into the end of the loop (one per loop!!) and connected to an e-stim power unit, and then the fun can begin.

Our loops are supplied as a pair and available in two different thicknesses, based on the connecting plug sizes. If you are looking for a larger thickness loop then consider our 4mm conductive rubber loop.


Our Conductive Rubber Loops have no metal sections that could contact the skin and either cause irritation or generate an uncomfortable 'hotspot'. In addition the plug is connected directly into the one end of the conductive rubber loop, maximising the transfer of current.


Although Conductive Gel improves the contact with conductive rubber, it does have a tendency of making everything a bit slippery, so we suggest if you have problems then consider the use of TacGel. It is similar to our standard conductive lube, but slightly more adhesive so things won't slide around as much.