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Vac U Lock

Vac U Lock Thin Dong Dildo Pink 7"

Vac U Lock Thin Dong Dildo Pink 7"


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The Vac U Lock Thin Dong Dildo is a versatile attachment designed for use with Vac-U-Lock sets or accessories. Here are its features:

  • Vac-U-Lock Attachment: This dildo is compatible with Vac-U-Lock systems, allowing for easy attachment and use with any Vac-U-Lock set or accessory.

  • Thin Girth: The Thin Dong Dildo features a slender girth, making it suitable for those who prefer a more slim and comfortable size.

  • Firm yet Flexible: The dildo is crafted to provide a firm yet flexible texture, allowing for comfortable insertion and stimulation.

  • Use with any Vac-U-Lock Set or Accessory: The Thin Dong Dildo can be used with any Vac-U-Lock set or accessory, providing versatility and the ability to mix and match for personalized pleasure.

  • Phthalate-Free, Body-Safe Material: It is made from phthalate-free, body-safe materials, prioritizing your health and safety during use.

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