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Master Series

Master Series Pup Puppy Play Hood with Ball Gag

Master Series Pup Puppy Play Hood with Ball Gag


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Transform your partner into a playful and obedient pet with our enticing puppy muzzle. This hood, adorned with dog-like ears, is a dream come true for puppy play enthusiasts. While leaving the eyes uncovered for maximum engagement, this mask also doubles as a gag, effectively silencing your playful pup.

The breathable ball gag inside the muzzle is perfect for quieting their whines and barks, but it can also be easily removed, allowing you to hear their every pant and howl of pleasure. Designed with both comfort and restriction in mind, each of the three straps is fully adjustable, ensuring a secure and personalized fit for dogs of all sizes.

Unleash your fantasies and enjoy the transformative power of this versatile and enticing puppy muzzle.

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