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Master Series

Master Series Muzzled Universal BDSM Hood

Master Series Muzzled Universal BDSM Hood


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Introducing the Master Series Muzzled Universal BDSM Hood, a versatile and customizable accessory that allows you to create a unique and immersive BDSM experience tailored to your desires. This hood is designed to provide sensory deprivation and enhance power dynamics during your play sessions.

Deprive your submissive of their senses by lacing them tightly into this hood. The ear padding on the sides muffles sounds, making it difficult for them to hear. For added sensory deprivation, snap the blindfold accessory into place, blocking their vision completely. To ensure their silence, the padded mouth gag fills their mouth comfortably, preventing them from speaking. With their senses impaired, every touch, spank, and tickle becomes a thrilling surprise, heightening the anticipation and intensity of each interaction.

If you're in the mood for puppy play, this versatile hood has you covered. Simply snap on the dog ears and attach the zipper-mouthed muzzle to transform your partner into your loyal pet. You can even keep the gag in place if you prefer not to listen to their canine barks and begging. The adjustable collar with a locking buckle allows you to confine your plaything until you're finished having your way with them. The D-ring collar is perfect for leash play or attaching other BDSM accessories, expanding the possibilities for exploration and control. 

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