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Oxballs Airhole Butt Plug Black

Oxballs Airhole Butt Plug Black


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Oxballs Airhole plugs are squishy soft with “fins” that flatten down and bend for a completely different sensation as the fins compress as you slide Airhole in then expand and wiggle around once inserted. It has a life of its own and it does its thing as it “moves” as you move.

Most plugs are usually pretty standard shapes such as cones, egg-shape, maybe a fist but Airhole is designed for a feel you haven’t felt in you before. The fins collapse as you twist it or slide it in…you get more toy in you easier, more feel, more inner stretch.

If you love Oxballs Pigholes. these are designed to work with them for a total experience. Put an Airhole inside a Pighole to make insertion easier and you feel both toys expand and squish down. Once you ride the stuffed Pighole and stuff and re-stuff it with this Airhole, you’ll feel why they make the perfect partner. 

Airholes are all handcrafted in Los Angeles using the absolute best Liquid Platinum Silicone You just can’t achieve this with machine made gear. Oxball's goal is the absolute best design, feel and colour for every Platinum Silicone toy we make.


Total height: 4.1" 104 mm

Widest circumference: 6.75” 172 mm

Widest usable circumference:  5.6” 143 mm

Narrowest usable circumference:  3.5” 89 mm

Weight:  3.75 ounces .11 kilo



Total height: 5.1" 130 mm

Widest circumference: 8.5” 217 mm

Widest usable circumference:  7” 178 mm

Narrowest usable circumference:  4.25” 108 mm

Weight:  7.5 ounces .22 kilo



Total height: 6.5" 166 mm

Widest circumference: 10” 255 mm

Widest usable circumference:  8.5” 216 mm

Narrowest usable circumference:  5.25” 134 mm

Weight:  14.5 ounces .41 kilo



Total height: 7.6" 194 mm

Widest circumference: 12” 305 mm

Widest usable circumference:  10.5” 267 mm

Narrowest usable circumference:  6” 153 mm

Weight:  23 ounces .66 kilo

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