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b-Vibe Expand Plug Vibrating Prostate Massager Butt Plug

b-Vibe Expand Plug Vibrating Prostate Massager Butt Plug


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The b-Vibe Expand Plug is an anal toy designed to provide a unique and pleasurable experience. Here are its key features:

  • Expanding Tip & Shaft: The plug features an expanding tip and shaft, allowing for stimulation of the sphincter. This expanding motion can provide a sensation of fullness and added pleasure during use.

  • Vibrating Tip and Base: In addition to the expanding feature, the plug offers vibrations in both the tip and the base. This dual stimulation targets both the perianal zone and the prostate, potentially leading to heightened and more intense orgasms.

  • Expanding Modes: The plug provides five different expanding modes. These modes offer various patterns and intensities of expansion, allowing you to find the one that suits your preferences and provides the most pleasurable experience.

  • Vibration Patterns and Intensity Levels: Along with expansion, the plug offers six vibration patterns and six intensity levels. This range of options allows you to explore different combinations and find the vibration settings that deliver the most satisfying sensations for you.

  • Ergonomic Shape: The plug is designed with an ergonomic shape to ensure comfort and accommodate users of all levels of experience. The shape and size of the plug make it suitable for both beginners and more advanced users.

  • Easy Grip Handle: The plug features an easy grip handle, which enhances control and maneuverability during use. The handle allows for a secure and comfortable grip, ensuring that you can focus on your pleasure without worrying about slippage.

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