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Black Label

Black Label Cusco Speculum

Black Label Cusco Speculum


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The Black Line Cusco Speculum is a high-quality medical sex toy that is perfect for satisfying your medical fetish or getting a closer look into the depths of your partner. This speculum is made from stainless steel and is part of the Black Label Series, which is known for its smooth and well-designed medical sex toys.

The Cusco Speculum is designed with a duckbill design, which is used for quick vaginal examination. It has a single screw design that makes it easy to give a controlled opening and stretch as the blades gently open sideways. This ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both partners.

Before removal, it is recommended to close the speculum but try not to shut it completely to avoid any pinching. The speculum is made of smooth, seamless, and easy to clean stainless steel, which ensures a hygienic and safe experience.

The dimensions of the Black Line Cusco Speculum are as follows: Length 13 cm (5.125 inch) x width 3.5 cm (1.375 inch). For those who prefer a smaller size, the medium version is also available with dimensions of length 11 cm (4.5 inch) x width 3.5 cm (1.375 inch).

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