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Blue Line 5 Gates of Hell with D Ring for Leash

Blue Line 5 Gates of Hell with D Ring for Leash


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he 5 Ring Gates of Hell from Blue Line is a unique cock ring designed to provide a secure and stimulating experience. It consists of a series of metal rings connected by a single strap. The largest ring is positioned at the perineum, while the four smaller rings are intended to secure the cock.

How to use:

  1. Start by placing one testicle through the largest ring. Take your time and ensure comfort and proper fit.
  2. Gently guide your penis through the smaller rings one at a time, sliding them down the shaft.
  3. Adjust the rings as needed to achieve a snug and secure fit. It's important to ensure that the rings are not too tight, as this can cause discomfort or restrict blood flow.
  4. The attached D-ring can be used for various purposes, such as attaching a leash for submissive play. However, it's important to engage in any BDSM activities only with the explicit consent and agreement of all involved parties.

Please note that the leash is sold separately and is not included with the 5 Ring Gates of Hell.

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