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Blue Line Girthy Penis Enhancing Extender Sleeve 6.75

Blue Line Girthy Penis Enhancing Extender Sleeve 6.75


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Experience enhanced pleasure with the Blue Line Girthy Penis Enhancing Extender Sleeve, measuring 6.75 inches. This sleeve instantly adds girth to your member, providing a deep and satisfying sensation. The transparent, body-safe, and flexible material stretched over your penis enhances the visual appeal of your shaft, adding sensual visual stimulation to your play.

Key Features:
• Enhance Partnered Sex - This penis enhancer is designed to enhance partnered sex, offering increased satisfaction and pleasure for both you and your partner.
• Durable & Body-Safe - Crafted from an easy-to-clean and body-safe material, this enhancer ensures long-lasting durability, reusability, and a soft feel against the skin, promoting a safe and comfortable experience.
• Increase Length - By extending your length, this enhancer boosts stimulation during partnered sex, intensifying pleasure and creating unforgettable moments of intimacy.
• See-Through Design - The transparent construction of this enhancer showcases your member, enhancing its feel and size while adding a visually stimulating element to your play.

This reusable enhancer is easy to clean and perfectly sized for discreet storage and travel, allowing for convenient and private use wherever you go.

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