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Blue Line Triple Sensation Penis Enhancing Extender Sleeve 6.5"

Blue Line Triple Sensation Penis Enhancing Extender Sleeve 6.5"


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Experience the ultimate pleasure with the Blue Line Triple Sensation Penis Enhancing Extender Sleeve, measuring 6.5 inches. This innovative enhancer is designed to satisfy your partner with a range of exciting sensations during penetration. With a realistic tip and a shaft featuring three different textures, it takes your partner on a thrilling journey of pleasure. The raised nubs, ridges, and bumps covering the shaft enhance internal stimulation, while the added length allows for deeper exploration.

Key Features:
• Give Intense Internal Stimulation - This penis enhancer is specifically designed to provide intense internal stimulation to your partner, ensuring a fulfilling and pleasurable experience.
• Durable & Body-Safe - Crafted from an easy-to-clean and body-safe material, this enhancer is not only durable but also reusable and gentle against the skin, promoting a safe and comfortable encounter.
• Increase Length - By extending your length, this enhancer enhances stimulation during partnered sex, adding excitement and intensity to your intimate moments.
• Textured Surface - The shaft of this enhancer is adorned with nubs, bumps, and ridges, creating a textured surface that enhances internal massage and maximizes pleasure for both you and your partner.

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