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Boners Open Cocksling Triple Cockring

Boners Open Cocksling Triple Cockring


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This cocksling is designed to tightly wrap around the cock and balls, providing a heightened sensation. Here are its features:

  • Material: The toy is made of very soft and flexible silicone. Silicone is a popular material for sex toys due to its body-safe properties, durability, and flexibility.

  • Ring Thickness: The rings of the cocksling are extra thick, ensuring maximum comfort during use. The added thickness can provide a more substantial feeling and support.

  • Diameter: The cocksling has two sizes of rings:

    • Small rings: These have a 2.5 cm inner diameter and a 5 cm outer diameter. The smaller size is suitable for a snug fit around the penis and testicles.
    • Large rings: These have a 3 cm inner diameter and a 5.5 cm outer diameter. The larger size provides a slightly looser fit.

By tightly wrapping your penis and balls, the cocksling aims to increase sensitivity and create a more intense experience. The pressure applied to the testicles can lead to temporary swelling and heightened sensitivity.

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