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Oxballs Bootboy Dildo Black

Oxballs Bootboy Dildo Black


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Introducing BOOTBOY, Oxballs' impressive and substantial butt toy that is sure to leave an unforgettable impact. This meticulously crafted piece is modeled after a biker boot, featuring intricate details such as rivets and buckles. Made from high-quality Pure Platinum Silicone, BOOTBOY offers a fleshy and firm texture that is still delightfully soft and pliable for easy insertion. Weighing over 7 pounds, this hefty pleasure tool is designed to deliver immense satisfaction.

BOOTBOY is not just a dildo; it is a monumental creation. The base of this extraordinary toy is fashioned from an actual Wesco boot, ensuring authenticity and adding to its grandeur. The shaft seamlessly transforms into one of our largest cocks, complete with a thick and pronounced head and an open pisshole.

Indulge in the ultimate pleasure with this extraordinary and colossal toy. Complete your collection and embrace the thrill that BOOTBOY brings.

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