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Brutus Rim Seat 2.0

Brutus Rim Seat 2.0


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The Rim Seat 2.0 by BRUTUS Toys is a versatile and sturdy tool designed to make rimming and X-play easier and more comfortable for both partners. The seat is adjustable in height, allowing for deep penetration without causing discomfort. The two added handles on the legs provide an additional dimension in play, allowing the top to push down or the bottom to pull up for even more intense play.

The open front seat design allows for unrestricted cock and ball play, making it a versatile tool for a variety of sexual activities. The Rim Seat 2.0 is easy to assemble and adjust with push pins, and can be quickly stashed away after use.

Overall, the Rim Seat 2.0 by BRUTUS Toys is a high-quality and versatile tool that is perfect for those who are looking to explore their sexual interests in a new and exciting way.

Four Seat Heights:

  1. 15.2 in (38.6 cm) height x 21.3 in (54.1 cm) leg stance width.
  2. 16.5 in (41.9 cm) height x 22 in (55.9 cm) width.
  3. 17.7 in (45 cm) height x 22.7 in (57.7 cm) width.
  4. 19.7 in (50 cm) height x 24.8 in (63 cm) width.
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