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Cellmate FlexiSpike Chastity Cage

Cellmate FlexiSpike Chastity Cage


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CELLMATE is proud to introduce the FlexiSpike Chastity Cage, a premium male chastity device that offers ultimate control in a discreet, shower-friendly design. Crafted from high-quality resin and hand-finished to perfection, the FlexiSpike comes with four ergonomically shaped cock rings for a secure fit, ensuring an escape-proof experience. With four different diameter sizes available (43 mm / 46 mm / 49 mm and 55 mm), you can choose the perfect fit for your needs.

The FlexiSpike also comes with four extra sets of silicone spikes in black and pink for extra customization. By inserting them into the cage, you can customize the look and also add extra stimulation if so desired.

For added security, the FlexiSpike comes with both a traditional brass lock with 2 keys, and with a special ABS plastic adapter pin, which allows you to close the cage in Stealth Mode with one of the five plastic locks, each bearing an unique tamper proof identifier code. This makes it ideal for travel or metal detector situations. Spare sets with ten disposable locks can be purchased separately.

For a perfect fit, the Cellmate FlexiSpike is available in five different cage sizes:

• Size 0 = Cage diameter 34 mm, Cage length 45 mm
• Size 1 = Cage diameter 39 mm, Cage length 65 mm
• Size 2 = Cage diameter 39 mm, Cage length 85 mm
• Size 3 = Cage diameter 39 mm, Cage length 95 mm
• Size 4 = Cage diameter 39 mm, Cage length 105 mm

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