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Oxballs Cocksling Air Cock Ring Ball Stretcher Silver

Oxballs Cocksling Air Cock Ring Ball Stretcher Silver


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Oxballs, the pioneers of the cock sling, introduce the COCKSLING AIR—a lighter, streamlined version that offers the same gripping and bulge-enhancing capabilities. Combining the functions of a cock ring, ball stretcher, and shaft ring, the COCKSLING AIR provides a unique squeeze that enhances the appearance of a bigger bulge. Its sling design wraps around the base of the shaft and balls, delivering a 360-degree grip without pinching or discomfort.

The COCKSLING AIR is designed to be worn for longer periods compared to traditional c-rings. As the innovators of cock slings, Oxballs prioritizes creating products that fit and feel just right. With this pared-down version, they have reduced the bulk while maintaining the fun and functionality that makes cock slings so popular.

Crafted from the remarkable stretchy-strong Flextpr™ material, the COCKSLING AIR offers unparalleled stretch and durability. It can stretch up to 8 times its original size and effortlessly snaps back into shape for a perfect fit. Additionally, the COCKSLING AIR comes in a range of vibrant and lustrous colours, adding a touch of visual appeal to your playtime.

Experience the comfort, versatility, and aesthetic pleasure of the COCKSLING AIR. Its innovative design, combined with the high-quality Flextpr™ material, ensures a secure and enjoyable fit for individuals of any size. Embrace the less bulky, more enjoyable experience provided by Oxballs' COCKSLING AIR.

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