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Oxballs Muscle Bandit Slimmest Muscle Cock Sheath Black

Oxballs Muscle Bandit Slimmest Muscle Cock Sheath Black


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The MUSCLE BANDIT by Oxballs is the slimmest of three MUSCLE cocksheaths.

Original MUSCLE is thick and long, MUSCLE RIPPED is long and veiny and a bit slimmer and this MUSCLE BANDIT is even slimmer and a bit short to add more to what you have, just not too much more.

Elevate your shaft and add a little more girth and a few more inches of length with this cocksheath, made of a thick rubbery flexTPR its rubbery but firm enough for fast and hard play.

This cocksheath comes with a soft bullet insert so you can custom fit to your shaft size. The MUSCLE BANDIT suctions down on your shaft to jack you while you tug or fuck with it, the pleasure is just for the receiver with this cocksheath.

Using lube, you can slide in whiles squeezing the shaft, so it sucks you in, then stretch the ball hole and drop your nuts through.

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