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Master Series

Master Series Enslaved Slave Nipple Clamps

Master Series Enslaved Slave Nipple Clamps


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Establish clear boundaries and enforce power dynamics with the Master Series SLAVE Nipple Clamps. Designed to make a bold statement, these clamps feature prominent lettering spelling out "SLAVE." With a gentle tug on the clamps, you can easily remind your submissive of their place and reinforce their role.

Crafted from nickel-free metal, these clamps are suitable for sensitive skin, ensuring both comfort and safety during play. The shining metal adds a visually striking element to your bondage sessions, making them an enticing accessory.

Each clamp is equipped with screws, allowing for precise adjustment of pressure to suit individual preferences. The inclusion of rubber tips ensures that the delicate skin remains protected from abrasions and scratches.

The Master Series SLAVE Nipple Clamps serve as a powerful tool for dominance and submission play, allowing you to assert control while prioritizing the well-being and consent of your partner.

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