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Nexus Excite Anal Beads

Nexus Excite Anal Beads


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The Nexus Excite anal beads are an excellent choice for individuals who are new to anal play or for those who want to engage in a pleasurable warm-up before more advanced activities.

These anal beads are made from silky smooth and body-safe silicone, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience. The flexible nature of the beads allows for easy insertion and movement, accommodating your body's natural curves.

With a diameter of 25mm, the beads provide a satisfying sensation and gentle stimulation as they are inserted and removed. The beads are designed with a retrieval loop, making it convenient and easy to control and remove the beads when desired.

Engage in the excitement of anal play with the Nexus Excite anal beads, a flexible and body-safe option that is perfect for beginners or as a warm-up for more experienced players.

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