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Oxballs Fat Willy Rings 3 Pack Cock Ring Clear

Oxballs Fat Willy Rings 3 Pack Cock Ring Clear


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Introducing FATWILLY'S, the next step up from the popular WILLY Rings. These non-roll grippy cock rings are designed to provide the perfect fit for your needs.

FATWILLY'S are crafted with a unique shape that allows them to grip firmly, whether you're soft or hard. These three maximum-grip cock rings are specially designed to stay in place without rolling or pinching. As you stretch them, they flatten out and hold their position, providing a secure and comfortable fit. The absence of rolling ensures a hassle-free experience during your intimate moments.

Often referred to as "fuck rings," FATWILLY'S offer a tight grip that enhances cock hardness for maximum pleasure. They are made from OXBALLS' softest, rubbery, and incredibly stretchy Flextpr™ material, which is the same high-quality material used in their WILLY RINGS. OXBALLS prides itself on testing and using their own gear, and FATWILLY'S are considered to be among the best size and fit rings they offer.

For those with larger testicles, FATWILLY'S can also be stacked on your ball bag to gradually achieve the desired rubbery stretch that you can control.

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