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Fort Troff

Fort Troff Hammock Hangar Sling

Fort Troff Hammock Hangar Sling


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The Hammock Hangar is a sling frame designed by Fort Troff, known for its stability and space-saving shape. Here are some features and details about the Hammock Hangar Sling:

  • Tri-Sling Frame: The Hammock Hangar is Fort Troff's first tri-sling frame, utilizing the strength and stability of a triangle shape. The triangle is considered the strongest shape in nature, minimizing rocking and providing a secure and steady experience during use.

  • FT Unibar Vertical Supports: The Hammock Hangar is equipped with seamless FT Unibar vertical supports, distinguishing it from other sling frames. These supports contribute to the overall strength and stability of the frame. The Interlock design at the top and bottom of the frame enhances its resilience and durability.

  • Comfortable Design: The Hammock Hangar prioritizes comfort during use. The open-weave sling allows for breathability, ensuring air circulation to the user's back. Two ballistic nylon pillows provide support and comfort. The height and angle of the sling can be easily adjusted using clank-free nylon straps, allowing for a customized experience. Padded stirrups are also included for added comfort.

  • Space-Saving and Easy Setup: The unique tri-leg design of the Hammock Hangar makes it suitable for even tight spaces, requiring only 12.5 square feet (3.7 sq metres). Setting up or breaking down the frame is intuitive and can be done in a matter of minutes, without the need for any tools.

  • Tactical Accessories: For added functionality and visual appeal, the Hammock Hangar offers optional accessories. The Special Ops Mirror is an overhead mirror that adds visual stimulation for the sub. The Provision Pod can be attached to any vertical support, providing a convenient place to keep lube and paper towels within arm's reach.

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