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Gläs Glass Butt Plug 4"

Gläs Glass Butt Plug 4"


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The Gläs Glass Butt Plug 4" is a butt plug designed to provide graduated pleasure and the option to explore different sizes. Here are some details about this toy:

  • Graduated bulbs: The butt plug features graduated bulbs along its length, allowing you to work your way up to larger toys or explore the different sensations that each size offers. Starting with the smaller bulbs and gradually progressing to larger ones can provide a sense of fullness and stimulation.

  • Tapered tip: The plug has a tapered tip that facilitates easy insertion. This makes it more comfortable to start with the smaller bulb and gradually insert the plug deeper.

  • Length and insertable length: The overall length of the butt plug is approximately 4 inches, while the insertable length is approximately 3.25 inches. These dimensions provide a balance between size and comfort, allowing for pleasurable insertion and stimulation.

  • Retains heat and cold: Glass has the unique property of retaining temperature. You can experiment with temperature play by warming or cooling the butt plug before use. The contrast of temperature can add an exciting sensation to your bedroom activities.

  • Easy to clean: Glass is non-porous, making it easy to clean. You can wash the butt plug with mild soap and warm water or use toy cleaners. The non-porous nature of glass prevents the build-up of bacteria, ensuring good hygiene.

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