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Master Series

Master Series Hanging Rubber Strap Cage

Master Series Hanging Rubber Strap Cage


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Introducing the Master Series Hanging Rubber Strap Cage, expertly crafted with thick, durable rubber straps that envelop and entrap your subject. This unique device is designed to enclose and restrain, providing an exhilarating experience for both dominants and submissives.

The solid platform base offers stability, allowing your partner to stand securely inside the device. As they step onto the sturdy wooden platform, the weight causes the crisscrossed rubber straps to descend, effectively trapping your subject within, reminiscent of a finger trap.

Once ensnared, your partner will be at your mercy, completely caught in the embrace of the rubber straps. These straps intertwine around their body, providing support and creating an alluring spiral effect as they ascend towards the top. At the apex, the straps converge and attach to a robust metal ring, further enhancing the security of the device.

The measurements of this cage are as follows: 75 inches in total length, with a base and top ring measuring 12 inches in diameter. 

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