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Prowler RED

Prowler RED Hard Whip 34"

Prowler RED Hard Whip 34"


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Intensify your bedroom play with the Prowler RED Hard Whip, a thrilling fetish accessory designed for those seeking to explore the realm of pain and pleasure. This whip, measuring 34 inches in length, is made from durable leather material, ensuring both durability and impact.

The Prowler RED Hard Whip features a soft leather handle, providing a comfortable grip while allowing for precise control. The leather used in this whip is exceptionally strong, ensuring a satisfying impact with each stroke.

This whip is perfect for those who desire a kinky addition to their collection of pain-inducing gear. It allows you to engage in thrilling power dynamics and explore your BDSM fantasies with your partner.

Embrace the excitement and pleasure of the Prowler RED Hard Whip as you explore the boundaries of sensation and desire in the bedroom.

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