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Rawhide Toys


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Here's what the boys at Rawhide toys have to say about Kratos..

"Let's make a toy that even we can't fit in our holes"

Mission Accomplished. 

Kratos is the fattest cock we make with our biggest size coming in at almost 15" around. His huge swole balls mean if you're lucky enough to take him to the base you'll get the pleasure of feeling them pressing right up against you. Although Kratos comes in 4 sizes we recommend only those with the hungriest holes try taking him. Take it from us, we tried and failed to take on the God of War. Proceed with caution, and lots of lube.

Suction Cup sold separately here

The XL and XXL Size of Kratos is a Heavy Weight item and is exempt from Free UK Shipping.


Size Small Large XL XXL
Total Length CM 19 27 31 35
Total Length IN 7.48 10.63 12.20 13.78
Inertable Length CM 15 20 23 26
Insertable Length IN 5.91 7.87 9.06 10.24
Circumference of Head CM 18 24 28 30
Circumference of Head IN 7.09 9.45 11.02 11.81
Circumference of Ridge CM 21.00 29.00 33.00 37
Circumference of Ridge IN 8.27 11.42 12.99 14.57
Circumference of Middle CM 20 28 32 36
Circumference of Middle IN 7.87 11.02 12.60 14.17
Circumference of Bottom CM 20 28 32 36
Circumference of Bottom IN 7.87 11.02 12.60 14.17
Suction Cup Compatible Yes Yes Yes Yes
Suction Cup Size Small Small Large Large