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Rawhide Toys

Rawhide Kratos Dildo XXLarge

Rawhide Kratos Dildo XXLarge


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Vac U Lock Compatible

At Rawhide Toys, we present to you Kratos, a toy that pushes the limits of pleasure.

Kratos is our most substantial creation, boasting an impressive girth of nearly 15" around. With its generously sized, swollen balls, this toy offers an exquisite sensation as they press against you when you take it all the way to the base. While Kratos is available in four different sizes, we advise that only those with insatiable appetites for exploration should dare to conquer it. We speak from experience when we say that even we couldn't handle the might of the God of War. Approach with care, ample lubrication, and a sense of adventure.

Suction Cup sold separately here 

Size Small Large XL XXL
Total Length CM 19 27 31 35
Total Length IN 7.48 10.63 12.20 13.78
Inertable Length CM 15 20 23 26
Insertable Length IN 5.91 7.87 9.06 10.24
Circumference of Head CM 18 24 28 30
Circumference of Head IN 7.09 9.45 11.02 11.81
Circumference of Ridge CM 21.00 29.00 33.00 37
Circumference of Ridge IN 8.27 11.42 12.99 14.57
Circumference of Middle CM 20 28 32 36
Circumference of Middle IN 7.87 11.02 12.60 14.17
Circumference of Bottom CM 20 28 32 36
Circumference of Bottom IN 7.87 11.02 12.60 14.17
Suction Cup Compatible Yes Yes Yes Yes
Suction Cup Size Small Small Large Large
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